Living Composer Initiative

It is the belief of Tribeca Ensemble that new music is the continuation of classical music as an art form. It is the assurance that the genre lives on in concert halls, cafés and jazz clubs. Simply said, new music is the future.

The Living Composer Initiative looks to empower all living composers and celebrate the diversity of their voices as well as honor the significance of their contributions to the cultural fabric of society. Each year, The Ensemble commissions one new work from an emerging composers in an effort support artists as well as contribute to the growth of the string ensemble repertoire.

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Utah Chamber Music Project

The Utah Chamber Music Project exists to build interconnectedness between high school students and audiences that range from economically underprivileged demographics, senior citizens, state detainees, beginning musicians and the community at large. By bringing together these diverse demographics, the UCMP will serve as a means to create an environment of understanding and compassion with music as the primary keystone. In order to best foster this relationship, students of the UCMP are provided high calibre chamber music education and instruction from members of the Tribeca Ensemble.

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square, saw, sine: digital-acoustic collaboration

In its pursuance of reaching beyond the traditional concert hall, The Ensemble's work in the genres of Rock and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has gained attention throughout the local and regional electro-acoustic community. Recent multi-genre collaborations with artists such as Z&Z and Mon Amour has launched The Ensemble into territory uncharted by classical artists and engaged new audiences previously unexposed to chamber music and the classical genre as a whole. Tribeca Ensemble's experimentation and continuation in the realms of EDM and Rock serves as an important facet of its mission to provide music listeners with an introduction to new and exciting aural possibilities.

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Private Teaching

Quickly becoming some of the most sought after pedagogues in the Intermountain West, the musicians of Tribeca Ensemble have established a reputation amongst their colleagues as premier private teachers for solo performers and chamber musicians. Students of Tribeca Ensemble and its members have taken top prizes at regional and state competitions throughout the United States as well as having won auditions to conservatories in both collegiate and pre-college programs such as the The Gifted Music School, Utah State University, Brigham Young University and Indiana University

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